Unique WeightCrate Display

WeightCrate Display System
It’s the only measuring device to ever be built into a crate. The unique display is extremely clear to read and can easily be customised. Users can now easily tell how heavy the contents are, without ever having to look inside.

Retrofit Many Different Models

WeightCrate can be fully retrofitted
Not only can the WeightCrate measuring device be built in to a product from the start, it has also been specifically designed so that it can be retrofitted in to many different and diverse products.

100% Fully Stackable

WeightCrate can still be stacked
The ability to stack crates is vital within our industry. The amount of space, time and money saved because of this is extraordinary. So even with our WeightCrate® display built in to the crate, these crates can still stack normally.

No Batteries Required

WeightCrate is not dependent on batteries
To ensure a robust product, we opted for spring instead of battery power. This means that the weighing device will continue working well after extensive use, which means that it doesn’t require your constant attention or changing.

Extremely Light and Robust

WeightCrate is extremely light and robust
The weighing plate weighs just a few hundred gramms; this is a remarkably low figure for such a strong and well designed product. Keeping the weight to a minimum was a high priority for us and we certainly haven’t disappointed.

Extremely Compact

WeightCrate wastes no space
Once the weighing device is compressed, you are left with over 90% usable storage space. This is a phenomenal amount of storage that still allows you to pack binders side by side in their upright position.